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Our Mission

Our mission at World Lamp Shipper is simple: to provide high-quality services for our valued clients. World LampShippers offer domestic and worldwide shipping services to individuals and companies at competitive rates without compromising on quality of services. Our services range from small items to cars and house moves to industrial materials. World Lamp looks for efficient ways to transport goods with the lowest possible carbon prints. We also have a complete recycling policy, meaning what we can't recycle we find use for elsewhere. We are committed to spreading the love hence our participation in local community initiatives worldwide.

World Lamp is a limited liability company. We pride ourselves as the fastest and reliable transporters of goods globally. We are a friendly company with a family feel about us which reflects in the way our staff respond to our customers and vice versa. Our standards are without compromise. We are a customer driven company, ensuring that your needs come first giving you an experience of a lifetime. We deploy modern technology in our business, informing you about every step your goods and items make on their journey to their destinations.


We are eco-friendly, with 100% recycling policy. We always find effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Why not call us and find out more about our services.


Meeting Your Needs

We offer a range of reliable shipment (door-to-door) services at very competitive prices without compromising the quality of service we offer. Our services are tailored to suit your business or personal needs so you can expect us to deliver no matter the size of goods you are transporting. In addition to freights we offer container transport, hire and sales service.

Air freight is a speedy super-fast service by air. This service is recommended for items which must be at their destinations as a matter of urgency. These include overnight expedient services regardless of size and distance. We are at your service from pick up to final destinations.

We offer a one-stop solution to all your goods transport. We offer pick up and drop off services so you don't have to worry about how your goods would get to the docks and the ports. Whether you're moving house or interested in transporting goods internally, World Lamp is a one stop solution to all your needs.

We stock quality boxes and durable packaging with specific dimensions for sale online or delivered by hand. Click here to see our products online.

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